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Taking a Hiatus from Newgrounds Work Starting In September

Posted by DMCArtsNG - August 8th, 2022

Hey, guys.

I know that I was going to produce some more drawings on this site, but I have a little something that I needed to tell you guys.

Starting next month, I will be taking a break from posting art on here because of the fact that somebody was a little upset about my Vimeo account deletion back in May when I rejoined YouTube for the first time in two years, so in order to make the little chap happy, I have to bring all of my entirety of the Vimeo profile previously had onto YouTube, and with a lot of videos made for that aforementioned website, it's going to take me 3-5 months to bring them all back (albeit with some updates needed for some improvements made compared to the originals, which are long gone), so yeah.

With that, my hiatus from this site will be starting on September 5th, and I'm afraid with the guy extremely anxious to see all of the videos previously made for Vimeo return for an indefinite amount of time, I cannot stop doing all of the updates until the entire process is officially completed, and as a result, I'm going to have to put all of my other projects (including art pieces and some planned animations for the year) on hold, and will all be taken care of once my journey to update the Vimeo stuffs I had before is complete with none left to update and re-do for a better experience.

Anyways, I won't be active on here until the process is complete (and besides, I barely post art on here, anyway), and I have over 127 (actually 136 counting the compiled videos individually) of them that will have to be brought back so the guy can stop crying and be happy for it; It's going to be my only focus for a while well into the new year. So, I will see you guys over on YouTube, I guess.


All good